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Although there are some similarities, we are not a staffing company. Staffing companies make money from the margin - the difference between what you pay someone and what you charge for them. Typical margins at staffing companies, dev shops and agencies are between 50 and 70%! We don't make a profit from the margin and we don't take your equity either (well, unless we invest in you). We are a network of like-minded professionals that truly want to help in the most efficient and least expensive way possible.

Occasionally, our awesome clients turn to us for recruiting services. The industry standard is 25-35% of a candidate's starting salary. That's crazy - especially for a startup! We take a quite opposite approach.

Two unique ideas -

Borrow our recruiter - borrow our recruiter, pay just for the their time, don't pay any placement fees. This typically saves companies $40,000 or so per hire.

Super friendly success-based - we have a huge network of CTOs, Engineers and others who are currently looking for a full time position. If you need to hire and we know someone who fits right away, there is no fee! We love introducing startups to talent for everyone's benefit. Only if we have to actually look for someone, then there is a small success-based fee. And even then, you get to choose whether to pay it with cash or equity. We want to take the risk with you - save your cash!

Bottom line, this is recruiting like you've never experienced. Talk to us!

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