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As our clients matured, they needed more fractional support until they're ready to hire someone full time.

FastCTO has grown to support our startups and with that, we are now able to offer more than just CTOs.

While we started with just CTOs back in 2019, we are now proud to have a network of hundreds of other executives to support companies of all sizes.

All of our executives follow the same model and mission as our CTOs - we don't profit from startups and we bill as little as we can to move your company in the right direction.

We can support you with COOs, CMOs, CPOs (in fact, most of our Product Owners are senior enough to be a CPO) and we even have HR professionals you can literally borrow (check out Opposite Staffing).

And what's even better - if some day you grow to be able to hire the fractional CXO full time, you absolutely can - with no fees or commisisons. It's just another way we are here to help you grow.

What Do I Need and When Do I Need It?

Fractional Support

Your company has grown to the point that the founders are simply running out of time for everything. Or your processes need some help. Or a role has fallen onto someone who is excited but not qualified to do it just yet. This is a perfect time to engage an experienced CXO to bring some structure to your team and potentially upskill a team member to take on this role in the future.

Interim Support

You had to let a CTO, COO, CPO or someone else go. You plan to hire someone else full time as soon as possible but in the mean time, you have to keep everything on track. No problem - we can drop in someone really senior to temporarily hold everything together and we can even help you look for and interview a long term solution with Opposite Staffing.

Temporary Support

You have it all handled, but there is a project you need help with - maybe SOC, a big company pivot or team shift, an upcoming raise, etc. Our CXOs have been through it all and can help with both strategy and execution.

And because we only bill for the hours we use, you can keep the CXO around for occasional support long term.

Thought Partner

Lean on a CXO with experience in your industry to bounce off ideas, consider different strategies, work through scenario planning and everything else. We're here to augment your existing skills and provide a second point of view.

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