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We do not profit from startups.


We work with all sorts of companies from super early pre-seed, pre-revenue, pre-everything startups to Series D+ unicorns, investors, acquirers, accelerators and many more.

When we're working with startups, the goal is to have as low a price-point as we can, with as low a margin as we can (about ~10-15% vs the industry standard of 50-70%), with just enough overhead to cover our operating costs. Occasionally, we accidentally make money because our burn rate is so small. In those cases, we put the excess into an angel fund and reinvest back into startups.

And when we work with everyone else (the folks that can afford more), our rates are slightly higher, but still significantly lower than industry standards. Our due diligences, for example, typically cost about 70% less than they would at the big or the boutique firms.

Working with the VCs, PEs and everyone else allows us to continue the no-profit work we do with startups and it benefits the entire startup ecosystem.

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