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Did you know that the Ops in Devops is for Operations?

DevOps is one of those things that often gets overlooked at startups, but is an incredibly important role. It's not enough to just build software - you need to set up a development process that allows your developers to thrive and use their time efficiently. And you need to deploy that software somewhere in a way that lets you grow and cost just enough.

That's DevOps!

But the average company doesn't need a full time DevOps. You need someone at the beginning to set up CI/CD, help the CTO optimize the SDLC, set up your environments, your APM, etc - topics that most shops and agencies don't even think about. And you need someone a little later to make sure your deployments go smoothly. And maybe occasionally you have a project like moving from one cloud to another.

We have senior DevOps and Site Reliability engineers on demand. We drop them in surgically to help your team accelerate and excel. As with everything we do, our goal is to charge you as little as possible but deliver quality that's usually reserved for billion dollar companies.

Oh, you need a full time DevOps? Let us first try to convince you that you don't, but if you really do, don't worry - we got you.

And, of course, no retainers or minimums - let us help you get exactly what you need and pay for exactly what we do.

What Will The DevOps Do?


DevOps engineers work closely with developers, IT staff, and management to oversee code releases and deployments, making sure that everything goes smoothly and figuring out and resolving root causes when it doesn't.


DevOps are responsible for creating automated processes for various stages of software production - integration, testing, release to deployment, infrastructure management and more. Not just clicking around - our DevOps are usually also senior developers who can write automation scripts.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

We'll set up your pipelines, environments and infrastructure so your developers know when something breaks and your release process is easy.

Infrastructure Management

Figure out Kubernetes, Docker, virtual networks and the rest. Pick the right AWS or GCP products out of the myriad of hundreds that they have.

Application Process Management (APM)

Set up an APM like Datadog, Dynatrace or New Relic so your developers know where bottlenecks are and how to scale.

Fill Dev Shop Holes

Most dev shops simply don't care about this topic because caring about it is hard. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't care. If your shop doesn't value CI/CD or a good development process or has no experience with security or APMs but you still generally like them, that's OK - come talk to us so we can help fill the gaps they have so you get the best of both worlds.

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