Due Diligence

Due Diligence With CTOs

Tailor your team to the target - not the other way around

We do due diligence a little bit differently than you're used to.

Until now, there were two options:
  1. The big firms - with a huge bill, a ton of overhead and a 60 page report that no one needs - especially for smaller deals or deals you know are dead a few days into the process.
  2. The boutique shops - really smart folks, usually post-exit CTOs, often the same ones who are in our network.
Unless you're dealing with a $80MM+ acquisition, you don't need the big firms. And the boutique shops are great and we don't really compete with them, except that you can only be an expert in so many things. So when you limit yourself to a small team, you're bound to have gaps in knowledge.

Instead, come to us and tell us what you're looking at and we will pull together a team of CTOs, developers and architects, out of the hundreds who are in our network (many of whom are parts of those boutique shops as well), who are experts in exactly that thing - the stack, the industry, the cloud - everything. This makes due diligence with FastCTO faster and more thorough, but also more nuanced and friendly, and importantly, less expensive and as or more effective than anyone else.

Pay only for time spent. If we start working on something and the deal falls apart, for technical reasons or not, pay us only for the time spent. You don't need (and don't need to pay for) a 60 page report telling you something is bad.

For Who?


If you're like most angel groups, you do your due diligence in-house with your members and invest in things your group knows about. But maybe sometimes you need a little oomph on a topic. That's where we come in. Borrow a CTO for a few hours and get clarity or a second opinion.

Heck, maybe we'll also invest (take a look at our mission).


We work with VCs several ways.

Before any due diligence, use us as a friendly expert network. Sure, we don't have a network as big as the big three-letter agencies, but why spend $1200+ per hour on a one-time call when you can have access to several CTOs who will stay with you through the whole process.

Then let us help you with the due diligence, if needed. We make the process light and helpful.

And finally, after the deal, use our CTOs, experts and shared services with your portfolio companies to fill gaps and meet goals.

Search Funds & Private Acquisitions

You're an operator and you finally found something? Amazing - let's look at it together. We'll help you assess opportunities and risks - not just in a vaccuum, but with specifically you in mind. We help search funders from all over with acquisitions from <$1MM to ~$15MM.

Private Equity

From individual investments and acquisitions to big, long-term rollups, we have you covered. Use our network during due diligence or to add specific expertise to an ongoing due diligence. Then, we're happy to stay involved with integration and everything else.

Prepare for Due Diligence

The best defense is a good offense - if you think you'll be on the receiving end of a due diligence soon (because of a raise, potential exit, valuation or anything else), let us run you though a mock one. We'll identify all the issues before they do. And we'll help you work through them so you can get through your due diligence with flying colors.

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