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First and foremost, we do not profit from startups. Period. Everything we do when working with a startup is done in a way such that FastCTO doesn't make a profit. We're done with consultancies that prey on startups. Instead, we're what we like to call aggressively non-predatory.

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We work with companies from one or two founders with an idea all the way up to Series D unicorns and successful companies that never raised any money. About a third of the companies we work with even have a technical cofounder or a CTO - but they've never done quite what they're doing now. A real CTO with experience can fill any gaps that currently exist in only a few hours a week.

We don't believe in retainers, minimums, payment for introductions, or any of the other "techniques" many agencies and consultants try to apply to their, often inexperienced, clients. This is the reason we are trusted partners to universities, accelerators, founder networks, and other well-meaning organizations.

The entire FastCTO network behind each CTO and Expert. With every client, if you ever need help on a topic your CTO does not have enough depth in, every other expertise is within reach. It's a model we borrowed from the big full-service law firms but made it work with startups. Take a look at everything else we do!

We've built an ecosystem of people, partners and products to make sure that at the end of the day, you have the peace of mind that your company is doing the right thing and your team is making good choices the first time around.

Why a CTO?

Nontechnical Founders

We love you and we want to make you successful.

Let us help you figure out what to build, how to build it and help you build a team, whoever they are and wherever they come from, that can actually execute on your vision at any stage of your company.

Technical Founders

You've come to the right place - about a third of the startups we work with have a technical cofounder or someone they call a CTO. That's great!

But maybe you've never done this sort of thing before or at this scale. Or maybe hiring or SOC or HIPAA or fundraising is not your forté - that's where we come in.

We are completely complementary to you and fill in any gaps you might have and help upskill you and your team for the future!

Dev Shop Gone Bad

Unfortunately, most developers are not that good - even when they try. When coupled with bad shops which are often trying to scam you, we come across a lot of horror stories.

If you have a concern about the quality or effectiveness of your team, whether internal or external, get a CTO to help you understand what your actual situation is and help you plan a path forward.

And if you're pretty happy with your developers but are still unaware of the quality of your code, we can help too by adding a super senior developer for a few hours a week to double check code quality.

Everything Else

Every company is different and almost every company needs a CTO. Across the companies we work with, our CTOs do a lot including we writing specs, figuring out budgets, designing architecture, defending in due diligence, helping fundraise, sitting in on board meetings, and everything else that a CTO of a big company would do - but scaled for exactly what you need.

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