AI Is Not Just a Buzzword

Go Beyond ChatGPT Wrappers

Over the last couple of years, we've heard a lot of buzzwords - Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, AI, ML, NLP, and many more. A lot of them are just that - buzzwords (remember the NFT hype?), but the current wave of AI tools like ChatGPT are ushering in a new age of computing. These are more than just buzzwords (even if they're a little overused right now) - these things will endure just like "cloud" was a buzzword but now "everything" is in the cloud.

And using, implementing and integrating these tools spans the range from "surprisingly easy" to "you need 10 million dollars and 20 PhDs".

Let us help you understand the complexity of what you're trying to build and, if necessary, pair you experienced AI and data engineers to make it a reality.

Some startups are just wrappers around ChatGPT and if that's you - great - we can help.

Some startups just want to add some off-the-shelf AI to their existing offering. No problem - that's exactly what most of our clients are doing.

And some companies want to build something entirely new. We can help there too, with access to engineers and scientists who know how it actually works.

Whether you want to add a chatbot to your app or analyze DNA strands, we can help.

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