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At FastCTO, we live by this quote and pay for all classes and trainings for everyone on our team.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

— Henry Ford

When we do our work with startups, two amazing things happen - we only hire Senior Developers and, because we really love working with super early stage startups with small budgets, we have a lot of developers working half time or half and half - 20 hours a week with one startup and 20 with another. What that means is that we always have really senior developers with some time on their hands. In almost any stack.

These are the same developers who know best practices, are architects in their languages and act as team leads on almost any team they're on.

Meanwhile, we talk to so many companies who are happy with their team but unsure about the code quality. This happens with inhouse developers or offshore. Junior and even senior. And especially with solo developers of any skill level.

It's easy to become a little careless when you're working alone and it's easy to get complacent when no one pushes back on your hacky shortcuts.

And that's why we are super excited to offer this unique service - invite an architect-level developer, in the exact stack you're working on, to your team. They'll meet your team, understand your product, and be able to offer tips, suggestions and corrections in the code review/pull request process. Your own developers will immediately skill up, have someone to look up to, and learn new techniques.

This does wonders for your code quality, your dev team morale and your codebase as a whole. All in about 5 hours a week (depending on the size of the team).

It's also perfect for the CTO running out of time mentoring their team - let us help!

The Stacks We've Helped With

Node/React/Typescript/Angular, etc

Whether your problems are with the front or the back or all over the place, our senior developers can help your team accelerate.

Maybe you have that one developer having trouble adopting Typescript? We can help.

All Flavors of PHP

You can write good and bad code in any language, but there is something about PHP which makes writing bad code too easy. That's why there have been so many frameworks over the years trying to force developers to write good code. Still, we find too many really messy PHP codebases.

Whether you have Laravel or Symphony or Cake or CodeIgniter or anything else (there are a lot more), we can help untangle it for you and set your developers on the right path.

Java and Related

From modern Java to Beans - we have senior developers who have seen it all.


From the early days of .NET to .NET Core and the entire ecosystem. In C#, VB and even F# - whatever you have, we can help with it.

Ruby, Go, Rust and the Rest

Clients come to us with all sorts of stacks. Between our CTOs and Architects, we can help you with your pull requests, process and upskill any developer.

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