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Tell me more about this mission.

We have a whole page dedicated to that - check it out here!

So how do you make money?

Great question! While we don't make any money from startups, we offer due diligence services to private equity, VC and other investors and acquirers. And while it still much less expensive than what it would cost elsewhere, it's not as altruistic as our work with startups.

But at the end of the day, even with that, our goal is not to make money - simply not to lose any. We try to help as many startups as we can, as efficiently as we can.

I have a dev team - where do you come in?

We love working with startups before they waste any money. That said, a lot of what we do is fix messes when development teams build something that a founder did not expect. There is a big gap between what's in someone's head and what developers, especially those whose native language is not your own, think you want - even when everyone's hearts are in the right place.

We close that gap.

If you already have a team, we can review your business requirements and verify that what the team is building matches both what you specified and things you didn't think to specify. We ensure that the final product is secure, scalable and manageable. We can attend standups, perform code reviews and even training sessions.

We are on your side.

Do you actually develop websites or apps?


But we're dev-agnostic - we would rather you spend money wisely than spend it with us. So if you have a really good lead on some developers - amazing - we'll work with them. But if not, or if you're curious, ask us how our non-profit model works. It's pretty great.

I've been burned with a previous team - now what?

We are sincerely sorry that this has happened to you and while it doesn't help, you should know that this happens more often than you think. We work with a lot of companies in your situation. We help you get out of that hole by assessing what you have and giving you cost-effective options. Remember - we are CTOs. While a lot of developers immediately recommend redoing, replatforming and throwing things out, we tend to think more fiduciarily. Talk to us and see what we can do.

OK, how much does this cost?

We work with startups from no revenue to unicorns and our pricing reflects that. We work with you to figure out a pricing stategy that is affordable and fair. Pricing also depends on who you need - we have senior CTOs who have sat on boards of multinational companies, we have CTOs that have gone through fundraising and IPOs and we have CTOs that focus on smaller startups in focused industries. Based on some initials conversations, we present you with options that can accelerate your growth at a fair pricepoint with the overall mission of not making a profit from startups.

What if I really like the CTO I work with - is there an opportunity to make them full time?

Great question! Most of our CTOs and CXOs have responsibilities that prevent them from being able to join your company full time, and you probably don't need them full time nor can afford them full time. However, we are a network of free-thinking CTOs and professionals and if logistics and locations work out, we leave it up to each individual to make that decision. In short, if you and your CXO find a way to work full time, you don't owe us any fee. We think that's pretty amazing and it happens about 3 times a year.

But don't forget that we also have a pretty unique recruiting offering that's unlike anything you've ever heard of. If you're looking for someone full time off the bat, check out Opposite Staffing.

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