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Economies of Scale

Just a little bit of the right thing makes all the difference

We work with a lot of startups and startups rarely need full time resources beyond developers (and even then, sometimes they just need someone half time).

CTOs and Product Owners - a few hours a week, Senior DevOps on demand, UI, UX & Design here and there, Quality Assurance depending on team size - you get the idea.

Because of this, there's always someone with some extra time and this makes us a perfect shoe-in for working with portfolio companies, venture studios and university programs. When one of your companies needs just a little help, we can be on hand to provide just that.

In fact, a lot of the VCs we work with make a Slack channel just for us for their companies to pop in and ask for help.

Any service we offer can be offered fractionally to support a company of any size.

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