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When A Senior Developer is Not Enough

Engage a developer with super specific expertise

The FastCTO model works best with senior developers and we only hire Senior Developers. All of our developers have experience with multiple industries, APIs, stacks, and tools.

But sometimes, because of the training that they have or because of the companies they work with, they end up with really unique and deep experience with niche tools, APIs and topics. When we see someone excel at something unique, we provide extra training and an opportunity to becaome a specialty developer.

And as more developers become specialized, we become really good at delivering work around unique topics. If you're working on something from the list below, ping us and we can immediately help. And if the topic you're thinking about is not on the list, no worries - we have plenty of expertise in a lot of areas and we'll always be honest about the skill level of any developer in any particular thing.

As with many things, it takes just as long (and therefore, just as expensive) to build things correctly and not. Work with experts to make sure you're building the right thing, the right way.

Some of Our Special­ties

Quickbooks API, Automation and Apps

We've helped several startups release QuickBooks Marketplace apps, integrate deeply with the Intuit API, parse QBO reports and more. We even had a client go through an Intuit security audit with flying colors.

On top of that, we have plenty of clients with internal QuickBooks apps that help them automate their own business processes.

AI & ML that's not just ChatGPT (but that too)

These days, everyone wants to do something with AI but most of the AI-enabled apps you see are just niche wrappers for ChatGPT. If that's you too, no problem - we can help (and it's not that hard).

But if you're working on something truly unique - with your own AI, models and approaches - that's even better. We have AI and data scientists who you will want to talk to.


Just like QuickBooks, we've had to work with lots of CRMs and have become experts at a number of them - Pipedrive, Copper, Hubspot, Salesforce - you name it. We can help you integrate and automate anything to do with CRMs.


Integrating with Twilio, especially for SMS, is not that hard. But the reason that it's on this list is that Twilio SMS is just scratching the surface. Our developers have experience with the whole suite of Twilio tools and APIs as well as knowledge about SMS deliverability rules and regulations. Whether you need massive scale SMS or video or chat integration, you've come to the right place.


Just like Twilio, Stripe has made it easy to use and integrate with. You don't need a specialty developer for that. But we have so much experience with Stripe, Stripe best practices, all the Stripe products like Connect and Sigma, and with product and price design, that if you have anything just a little atypical, we're here to make sure your Stripe integration doesn't become a headache.

Everything Else

We work with a lot of startups and have experience with a lot of tools and APIs and it's impossible to list all of them. If you're working on something unique, let us know and we'd love to help!

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