An international network
of real CTOs ready to help

your startup


We're a different kind of company

with a unique mission -

we do not profit from startups

We work with all sorts of organizations in a variety of ways


We help you define a clear roadmap and avoid expensive distractions.


We build and optimize processes your teams can follow.


We ensure that you're using best practices in tools, development, and organization.


If you have an existing team, we'll help point it in the right direction. If you don't, we'll help you build or select a team that fits your needs.


Prepare for funding and remove any red flags with our Due Diligence Checkup. Our CTOs have been there from Pre-Seed to Exit.


Ensure that your inhouse or offshore team is using the best architecture and best development practices to build your product.


We perform sophisticated buy and sell-side due diligences, audits and checkups for VCs, PEs, Crowdfunding, brokers, law firms, and more.


Round out the skill set necessary to build, deploy and market a product, and run a company.


Get a second opinion, validate your plans and lean on us as an a-la-carte member of your C-suite.


We work with universities, accelerators and other programs and teach classes on entrepreneurship, software, startups, fundraising, and more.


We only work with real CTOs and other executives and can help an organization transition, roll off or hire executive talent.


We host and sponsor events all the time - from fireside chats to pitch competitions and training workshops. Follow our LinkedIn page to stay in the loop.


Not Just Consultants

We are founders, advisors, executives, and investors. We have failed and we have exited and we've learned from our experience working with companies and organizations in every industry, at every level, and with every technology

  • In a Meeting


    It goes well beyond just CTOs. Learn about our approach, ecosystem, benefits and understand our mission - we don't profit from our work with startups. Really. 

  • Signing Contract


    Not just your average technical due diligence. As CTOs and investors, we've been on both sides of due diligences. Learn about the FastCTO difference. 

  • Business Meeting

    FOR CTOs

    FastCTO is not an agency or a staffing company - we're an exclusive network of vetted CTOs that's operating differently and doing something completely new behind the scenes. 


    FastCTO is not a development shop and non-CTOs simply can't join. However, we often work with technical architects and super senior developers to augment our clients' teams in a pinch. Get on our radar! 


    We work with trusted and vetted service providers and other executives to deliver benefits to our clients and members. If you think you can help our network members or our clients while staying true to our mission, talk to us. 

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