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An international network of real CTOs, with a unique mission, who are ready to help

A simple mission:
We Do Not Profit From Startups

We are founders, advisors, executives, and investors. We have failed and we have exited and we have learned from our experience working with companies and organizations in every industry, at every level, and with every technology.

For the last 4+ years, we've set out on a unique mission - to help as many startups as we can in an aggressively non-predatory way - not like an agency, not like a dev shop, but like something completely new.

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Team work makes the dream work!

It goes well
beyond just CTOs

We built an entire network of experts to help - CTOs, CXOs, Product Owners, Project Managers, developers, designers and everyone in between.

But only senior, experienced folks.

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We work with accelerators all over the world to immediately upskill every company in their current and past cohorts by bringing in CTOs and shared services like devops and designers on demand.


Let us help with your technical due diligence using our unique approach. Build a diligence team of not just experts, but experts in exactly the thing you're looking at. Instead a 60 page report for a company you knew you weren't interested in on day 3, pay only for the time spent. Bring your DD costs down by >4x.

Dev Shops

Ever feel like your client isn't asking for the right thing but don't know how to explain it? That doesn't happen here. Bring along one of our CTOs to your existing projects and see the difference. Deliver what is actually needed, with the right architecture. Your developers will love you for it.


Whether it's a guest speaking spot or an MBA workshop, we work with a dozen universities in all sorts of manner, usually without any costs. Talk to us!

Not Startups

We love to focus on startups because we believe most startups fail by wasting money building the wrong thing, but we work with plenty growth companies and even unicorns. From interim executives, shared services, a completely different approach to staffing, and full team build outs - about 30% of the companies we work with are Series B+.

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