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When a company is young, the Founder is the de-facto product owner, regardless of their background. But eventually, that's just not enough. But a full time product owner may still be overkill. That's where we step in with super experienced product owners aligned with your industry who can come in and help you get on track. Not just a checkbox on your org chart but real value and efficiency added to everything you're working on.

But just like with everything else, now you can access just as much of a senior, experienced Product Owner as you need, without any retainers or minimums.

What exactly is a
Product Owner?

Vision and Strategy

The PO is responsible for setting the vision and strategy for the product. They define what the product should be, who it's for, and how it will provide value. This vision guides the work of the development team and ensures that the product aligns with the company's overall goals.


In a startup, resources are often limited. The PO is responsible for prioritizing features and tasks based on their potential impact on the business. This helps to ensure that the team is always working on the most valuable tasks.

Customer Advocate

The PO often serves as the voice of the customer within the startup. They work to understand the needs and desires of the customer and ensure that these are reflected in the product.


The PO is a key communication link between the development team, stakeholders, and other parts of the business. They help to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the product and its progress.

Maximizing Value

The PO is responsible for ensuring that the product delivers maximum value to the customers and the business. They do this by constantly evaluating the product's performance, gathering feedback, and making necessary adjustments.

Agile Practices

We are big fans of Kanban (over Scrum) for early stage startups. But regardless of which way you go, the PO plays a key role in managing the product backlog, defining user stories, and accepting completed work. This helps to ensure that the development process is efficient and effective.

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