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When You Outgrow Simple Reports

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We love startups and if you're a startup, unless you are doing something very data-heavy, you probably don't need a data engineer or any BI right away. In fact, if you come to us and ask for one, we'll try to convince you otherwise.

That's why we typically recommend simple in-app reports or a simple analytics dashboard in the beginning. The kind of stuff any good developer can make.

But if all goes well, eventually, every company needs serious BI and that's where our senior data engineers come in.

When it's time to think about BI seriously, talk to us. We have data engineers, analytics experts and senior DevOps to build out your infrastructure, set up your data pipelines and make sense of your data.

We work with all the popular tools - Airflow, Stitch, BigQuery, PowerBI, Looker Studio, and even the $60k/year Looker for the folks that really need it (but we'll still probably try to talk you out of it).

In the end, data is what drives business decisions and every successful company grows out of making decision based on a gut feeling. We're here to help you grow out of it in the right direction.

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