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Execution Is Key

You can have the best developers, but if they don't know what to work on, you're wasting money every day

Project managers get a bad rep because far too often they're, well, useless. That's why you typically see them being snuck into a "blended rate" at a dev shop. When we see that, we know that 9/10 times, it's a trick. You end up with a project manager that does nothing more than plays telephone between you and developers and that's no good for anyone - developers feel disconnected from the product vision, you feel disconnected from the developers and it's simply a recipe for wasted time and money.

Instead, we have real project managers that have experience driving teams and deadlines instead of creating unnecessary barriers between you and the developers. Project managers that actually care about what is being delivered.

That said, even though we have amazing PMs ready to jump in, not every team needs a project manager. We don't push PMs on you - instead, we figure out if you actually need one and how much of one.

In fact, we won't give you one of project managers if we don't think you need one.

And for early stage startups, the overlap between a Product Owner and Project Manager might make having both be redundant. Let us help you figure that out, but we have Product Owners too.

What makes a good
Project Mana­ger?

Process Implementation

While startups value agility, having some level of process is important for efficiency and scalability. The right project manager can help implement appropriate project management methodologies that suit your needs.

And for larger teams, especially when there's not a clear, senior technical leader, a good project manager can wrangle the team and everyone in the same direction.

Resource Allocation

Too much work on a small team leads to burnout. A good project manager makes sure work is shared fairly and scoped properly so deadlines and expectatios are met.


A good project manager can act as a central point of communication, ensuring everyone is aligned and aware of project goals, progress, and issues. But that shouldn't mean that all communication goes through the project manager - instead, they are there to faciliate open conversations with the right people.

Scope Management

Scope creep is a killer for any size company, but even more so for early stage startups. An experienced project manager, working with a product owner, can mitigate scope creep and ensure that everything everyone works on brings timely business value.

Focus on Objectives

Instead of just being a body in a meeting, our project managers keep the team focused on the strategic objectives, ensuring that the work being done aligns with your goals.

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