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Just like Project Managers, QA often gets a bad reputation but that's only because it's usually done badly. We take a different approach at QA - instead of just someone who will check checkboxes on an Excel sheet, we use senior QA Engineers, who use real tools like Zephyr, SmartBear, TestRail, Cypress, JUnit and others, to do real, deep, thoughtful testing.

Our QA Engineers don't just test what the developers do - they implement QA best practices, test tickets but also do regular exploratory testing and regression testing to ensures smooth releases.

And don't forget automated testing. We follow the rule of "know how to test something manually before trying to automate it" so we don't just throw automated QA at you. But once the design is stable and the testing process is established, now is the time to optimize it so you can go faster and deeper with every release. That's how you get stable software that scales and passes Due Diligence.

Don't fall for scammy "blended rates" from dev shops that promise you developers, project managers, and QA or anyone else, all for one rate. Or, even worse, make it seem like someone like QA or a PM is "free" because, of course, they're not.

With our model, you can engage a senior QA Engineer who will test well and at a fair rate and exactly how much you need. Since we work with a lot of startups, it's common to have a QA Engineer for 10 or 20 hours per week - we don't have minimums.

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