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Build the right thing,
the right way,
the first time around.

Fundamentally Different

Nothing about FastCTO is what you've come to expect


First and foremost, we do not profit from startups. Period. Everything we do when working with a startup is done in a way such that FastCTO doesn't make a profit. We're done with consultancies that prey on startups.


We are not a staffing company. We don't make money off the margin (the difference between what you pay someone and what you charge for them) and we don't take your equity either. We are a network of like-minded professionals that truly want to help.


We are not a dev shop and we are dev- and stack-agnostic. If you have developers, great and if you want us to help you vet a shop or a freelance developer, we're happy to - in any stack, but more importantly, in the right stack for you. And for those who don't know where to start, we work with dozens of shops and vetted freelancers all over the world in every stack and price point and we'll build you to a team you can trust. Our focus is that the developers that work for you, wherever they come from, can execute on the plan and the roadmap.


We work with companies from one or two founders with an idea all the way up to $80+MM ARR. There are many reasons a full time CTO may not be on your team, even if you have a technical founder with that title. A real CTO with experience can fill any gaps that currently exist in only a few hours a week.


At every opportunity, we are the opposite of predatory - we don't believe in retainers, minimums, payment for introductions, or any of the other "techniques" many agencies and consultants try to apply to their, often inexperienced, clients. This is the reason we are trusted partners to universities, accelerators, founder networks, and other well-meaning organizations.


All this, only with real CTOs - technical professionals with years of experience who have been through it and have grown companies exactly like yours.


The entire FastCTO network behind each CTO and Expert. With every client, if you ever need help on a topic your CTO does not have depth in, every other expertise is within reach. It's a model we've borrowed from the big full-service law firms but made it work with startups.


We've built an ecosystem of people, partners and products to make sure that at the end of the day, you have the peace of mind that your company is doing the right thing and your team is making good choices the first time around.


We help you define a clear roadmap and avoid expensive distractions.


We build and optimize processes your teams can follow.


We ensure that you're using best practices in tools, development, and organization.


If you have an existing team, we'll help point it in the right direction. If you don't, we'll help you build or select a team that fits your needs.


Prepare for funding and remove any red flags with our Due Diligence Checkup. Our CTOs have been there from Pre-Seed to Exit.


Ensure that your inhouse or offshore team is using the best architecture and best development practices to build your product.


Round out the skill set necessary to build, deploy and market a product, and run a company.


Get a second opinion, validate your plans and lean on us as an a-la-carte member of your C-suite.


We host and sponsor events all the time - from fireside chats to pitch competitions and training workshops. Follow our LinkedIn page to stay in the loop.

But Wait, There's More

We have partnerships and relationships, many of them exclusive, with dozens of organizations that exist to benefit startups like you

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