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Unprecedented specificity
in your technical due diligence
and portfolio guidance 

Our Network Makes All The Difference

Smart generalists are great, especially for legal and finance, but partner with us and we'll put together a team of real CTOs that are experts in exactly the type and technology of the company you're looking at


Pretty much every CTO in the network has been through due diligence, usually on both ends - we know what you're looking for, how to look for it, and how to surface issues that would otherwise be overlooked.


Every due diligence team is hand-crafted with experts in exactly the domain and technology of the company we're considering. This means we're able to drill down to best practices and architecture specific to the tools and technologies the target company is using in a way that's not accessible to typical teams.


We help private equity, VC, private investors and buyers, and angel groups - both pre and post LOI. Deals range from Seed rounds and Series A to complex M&A and rollups.


Because of our international presence, we are often able to come onsite and even put together local teams in remote transactions.


For investors looking to expand their portfolio, we work with startups of all stages, all over the world that we can recommend for any situation, but never unsolicited.

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