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An international network of
real CTOs with real experience -

...just like you?

This Is Something Different

We don't conflict with your current job or your current brand and we're on a mission to help startups in a whole new way -

want to help?


We're not a dev shop, a staffing company or an agency that wants to make money from your bill rate.


This doesn't conflict with whatever else you have going on. A lot of the CTOs in our network have full time jobs, consulting brands, or are semi-retired. But we all advise and help or want to get into helping startups.


Just because FastCTO doesn't make money, doesn't mean you're not going to - we're still going to pay you the same thing you're making now - we just don't add the ridiculous 60-70% margin that staffing companies add to your pay rates. That means that your services are finally affordable to startups.


All of our engagements are long term but "short hours" - our startup clients get trusted, experienced CTOs, a la carte, for a few hours a week without any retainers or minimums.


The entire network is behind you - for every client that you have, dozens of real CTOs, just like you, are ready to jump in and help. Additionally, you have access to other resources like developers, lawyers, and other experts and executives.


Besides the regular way you get paid for your hours, there's a whole additional and novel payment structure we have that you'll have to talk to us about. When we say we don't profit from startups, we put our money where our mouth is.

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